The Top Financial Apps And Tools Every Australian Should Know About

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Navigating finances can feel confusing, especially when juggling multiple bank accounts and bills. In fact, as many Australians continue to seek efficient ways to manage their funds, financial apps have become increasingly popular for tracking expenses and growing savings.

This blog is your one-stop guide on the best budgeting tools to streamline your finances in Australia. We’ll discuss the differences between each tool, and compare their benefits and disadvantages. So get ready – it’s time to take control of your money today!

Best Budgeting Apps for Australians

Consider Frollo as your first choice. It’s an all-encompassing financial management app gaining popularity among Australians. Try Beem for easy payments and expense tracking from multiple accounts.

Turn to Spriggy, a favourite amongst families for teaching kids to manage their money and for its digital piggy bank feature. Apps such as Finspo help you compare financial products and pay off your home loan.

Flux is loved by users who appreciate detailed graphs and charts to visualise their expenses. WiseList prioritises smarter shopping with features to compare prices for groceries locally.

Explore WeMoney, which not only helps with budgeting but also assists in bill comparisons and credit score monitoring – much coveted by financially aware Aussies!


Frollo stands out as a top-tier choice for Australian consumers. It’s not just an average budgeting app, but also an effective financial management tool. As the recipient of the ‘best budgeting app’ title in 2021, 2022 and 2023 by Mozo Experts Choice Awards, this free money-tracking tool lives up to its reputation.

Frollo operates via open banking integration. It automatically syncs with your bank accounts, providing insightful details about your spending habits. This expense-tracking app is specifically designed for Australians, offering convenient access to various features including expenditure tracking and detailed money analyses – all at no cost! In essence, if you seek a user-friendly platform that aids intelligent financial decision-making, Frollo fits the bill perfectly!


Beem ranks as one of the best budgeting apps for Australians. This popular app revolutionises personal finance with its advanced money management and budget-tracking capabilities. Users find it effective in monitoring their spending habits, which is crucial to developing a sound financial plan.

Available on mobile platforms, Beem makes expense tracking convenient even while on the go. It’s an invaluable tool in striving towards savings goals, providing real-time updates on cash flow management.

The fact that this app comes free opens pathways for all consumers to enjoy easy access to these impressive features. With Beem at your disposal, maintaining control over your finances becomes less tedious and more engaging.


Spriggy takes an innovative approach to teaching kids about money management. This unique mobile app, designed especially for children aged 6-17, provides a hands-on learning experience with finances.

It goes beyond being one of the best budgeting apps in the Australian market by incorporating a prepaid Visa card and savings functionality into its system. Parents find it a useful tool to oversee their kids’ pocket money while gearing them towards cashless payments – a trend rapidly gaining traction in Australia.

Not only does Spriggy simplify parents’ tasks, it also actively works on building healthy financial habits among young Aussies. A worthy mention is how Spriggy conveys critical knowledge about expenses and saving practices while keeping everything engaging for children, fostering financial education every step of the way!


Finspo stands out in the realm of budgeting apps, aiming to help everyday Australians navigate their financial journeys. As a top recommended tool for money management and expense tracking, Finspo offers strategies specifically crafted to expedite home loan repayments while also fostering greater overall financial awareness.

Through these features, users can be more intentional about their spending habits and make impactful strides toward debt reduction. The innovative minds behind this essential app include banking executives who’ve focused on creating an accessible platform for personal finance that truly benefits Aussie consumers.

By incorporating Finspo into your daily routine, you’re taking control of your financial future in a practical way that’s easy to manage.


Flux is revolutionising the way Australians manage their finances. Gamifying money management, this unique budgeting app injects fun into saving and learning about financial literacy.

Each week, users get a shot at winning prizes just by using Flux for their financial activities! Ranked amongst the top ten in Australia for 2023, Flux prides itself on helping people become debt-free.

Harnessing the power of this app can empower consumers to take control of their finances and maximise every dollar’s value.


WiseList ranks among the top budgeting apps, gaining acclaim for its effectiveness. Whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, this app has got your financial planning needs covered. A highlight of WiseList is how it empowers users to make their money work harder and smarter.

You can bid farewell to debt with WiseList by your side! Enabling individuals to manage expenses efficiently, it presents a tremendous opportunity for wealth management on the go. Think about the ease of having your personal finance tools simplified in one accessible location. That’s what sets WiseList apart from other money management apps.

Providing more than just expense tracking features, this financial tool helps you establish clear financial goals and provides valuable insights into achieving them faster. The fact that so many Australians are choosing WiseList as their preferred budgeting tool reiterates its worth in today’s fast-paced market.


WeMoney, a rapidly growing financial wellness platform in Australia, offers comprehensive services to improve your financial well-being. As this app is free to use for its users, it encourages regular monitoring of bank accounts and effective bill tracking.

It’s more than just an expense tracker. It allows you to connect all your accounts in one place, giving you a 360-degree view of your finances. To make matters even better, WeMoney takes significant steps towards helping Australians reduce their debts faster by providing strategic debt reduction solutions tailored to individual needs and capabilities, encouraging overall financial health stability.

Benefits of Budgeting Apps

Discover the impressive benefits of budgeting apps, from achieving financial goals to managing debt and even planning for international travel. There’s more to explore in this space – stick around!

Achieving financial goals

Budgeting apps can offer incredible assistance in reaching your financial goals. They provide users with significant benefits by helping them manage personal finances effectively. With an app like Frollo, Australians have the opportunity to stay on top of their expenses, constantly tracking and evaluating their financial situation.

It’s a swift move towards securing a stable monetary future. Be it buying your dream home or planning for retirement, budgeting tools make the process simple and achievable. Through regular expense tracking and thorough money management, these digital platforms guide you closer to your financial objectives every day.

Envelope budgeting

Envelope budgeting is a proven system that offers significant benefits to your overall financial planning strategy. It involves separating cash into various envelopes, each referred to as a spending category.

These categories could include grocery shopping, utilities, and entertainment – each with its own designated envelope filled with the corresponding month’s allowance.

Budgeting apps like Goodbudget have brought this old-school method into the digital age for tech-savvy Australians looking to manage their money better. This app lets you create virtual envelopes and track how much money is left in each one after bills or expenses are paid.

By setting clear automated boundaries on expenditures using this method, staying within budget becomes manageable even for those new to personal finance.

Managing debt

Managing debt effectively is one key advantage of using budgeting apps. With the help of financial management apps, Australians can monitor their income and expenses more accurately.

This provides an opportunity to identify unnecessary spending or possible savings areas that could aid in faster debt reduction. Furthermore, some personal finance apps offer features like automatic payments to prioritise debt repayment, reducing the risk of missed due dates and subsequent penalties.

The power to manage your debts efficiently resides right in your pocket with these handy money management tools, aiding you on your journey to achieve financial freedom.

International travel budgeting

Managing your finances while travelling internationally can be a challenge. Budget planning apps simplify this task, making it easier to track your expenses and keep them in line with your savings goals.

With these handy tools at their disposal, Australians can plan out their journey efficiently without having to worry about going over budget or running into financial difficulties midway through their trip.

Expense tracking apps like PocketSmith offer detailed views of all expenditure, from hotel bookings to meals and local transport fees, so you know exactly where each dollar goes. As they are readily available on smartphones, financial management apps provide the opportunity for real-time updates and easy access no matter where in the world you might be!

Savings Apps and Tools

Savings apps and tools have skyrocketed in popularity in Australia. Apps such as Raiz allow users to invest spare change, while Splitwise makes it easy to share expenses with others.

Canstar App is known for its comprehensive comparison of bank accounts, savings plans and credit cards. Financial reward programs like ShopBack and Cashrewards help Australians save money on daily purchases.


Raiz stands out as a favourite among investment apps in Australia. It allows users to start investing small amounts, with minimum investments starting as low as $5. This makes it one of the most accessible microinvesting platforms for regular consumers looking to grow their money.

The app’s innovative features give fresh appeal to investing. Take, for instance, its celebrated Round-Up feature – every time you make a purchase, your transaction is rounded up and the spare change goes straight into your diversified asset portfolio management account.

Even better is how simple and straightforward it all works. Just download the Raiz app and let it handle your transaction-based investing needs automatically!


Splitwise, an exceptional budgeting app, gained its popularity through simplifying the process of dividing household and group expenses. This user-friendly tool is easily accessible via mobile devices for on-the-go financial management.

One unique feature includes tracking borrowing and lending among friends or family members, promoting accountability in shared expenditures. Those who use Splitwise also have numerous payment options at their disposal – cash, cheque, PayPal or Venmo can be used to settle their share of expenses.

Financial experts often tout Splitwise as a functional tool offering remarkable assistance in managing personal finances effectively.

Canstar App

The Canstar App puts all your financial information at your fingertips. Everything from transactions, savings, credit cards and loans to superannuation can be accessed using this free app.

Users enjoy the convenience of checking their credit score on the go, as well as keeping tabs on their overall finances with ease. And it doesn’t stop there! The Canstar App helps you make smarter decisions with its product comparisons feature. Switch and save on bills or other financial products after comparing them right in the app.

Achieving personal finance goals becomes much easier when budgeting is simplified this way through modern technology.


ShopBack steps into the world of savings apps and tools with a captivatingly simple proposition: earn money while you shop. As an online shopping platform that caters to more than 2000 popular stores in Australia, ShopBack offers up to 30% cashback rewards on your purchases.

Just tap into the app before checking out, pick your preferred store, and make your purchase as usual – it’s that easy! With a reputation as one of the best money-saving apps in Australia, ShopBack transforms everyday online shopping into a rewarding experience full of discounts and savings.


Cashrewards stands out for shopping enthusiasts who can’t resist a great deal. This app partners with over 1600 online and in-store retailers, offering an easy way to save money on everyday purchases.

Every time you shop through the Cashrewards platform, you get cashback, effectively boosting your savings.

This dynamic tool transforms your spending pattern into opportunities for financial growth. By letting users earn back part of their expenditure on shopping or investments, it blurs the line between consumption and saving.

Deservedly ranked among Australia’s finest rewards programs, Cashrewards tailors enticing promotions that put extra dollars in consumers’ pockets with minimal effort.

Other Ways to Budget

This section will delve into alternative options to traditional budgeting applications, emphasising group budgeting structures and some commendable apps like Goodbudget, Empower and PocketSmith.

We’ll also shed light on how these financial aids offer unique features for money management tailored to an individual’s specific needs and circumstances in Australia.

Group budgeting

Group budgeting is a fantastic way to manage shared expenses. In Australia, various apps serve both iPhone and Android users, allowing everyone in your group to connect their financial institutions for automated income tracking and expense management.

These apps bring ease to calculating each person’s contribution towards bills or collective goals. You’ll also find excellent options if you’re after free or couples-friendly group budgeting tools!


Goodbudget is a powerful tool for managing personal and household finances. By keeping track of how your money is spent, saved, or given towards important life goals, this system promotes better financial discipline.

Renowned as one of the best budgeting tools in Australia for 2023, Goodbudget’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to categorise expenses and observe spending habits. Even though not originally an Australian app, it offers invaluable support for Australians looking to create comprehensive budgets.

With Goodbudget at your fingertips, achieving saving goals becomes significantly easier!


Empower revolutionises budget management with its innovative features. This financial management app boasts an easy-to-use interface, allowing Australians to effortlessly integrate multiple bank accounts, credit cards and loans.

Offering a comprehensive approach to personal finances, this app simplifies tracking of expenses across varied accounts.

Deeper insight into spending habits is another boon Empower offers. It evaluates your overall financial situation, revealing patterns in expenditures that might easily slip through unnoticed otherwise.

Subscribers get valuable tips on saving money based on their unique spending behaviour. As such, it’s a nifty tool for improving your monetary health regardless of whether you’re dealing with tight budgets or looking at loan tracking and credit card management.


PocketSmith stands out as top-tier financial software for individual money management. As a budgeting app, it fetches live updates from Aussie banks and helps consumers understand their cash flow in real-time.

Its expense tracking feature categorises bank transactions, giving users an insightful spending analysis to identify patterns or excessive costs. And it’s not just about tracking – PocketSmith also assists you in predicting your financial future with its sophisticated forecasting tools based on previous spending habits.

The mobile variant lets you take control of your finances anywhere – monitor income, expenses, assets and net worth on the go!

Considerations for Choosing a Budgeting App

When deciding on a budgeting app, consider the overall cost. Many are free, while others may require a subscription fee. Always look at the app’s track record in managing banking information security.

It is vital to protect your sensitive financial data. Ensure to opt for an app with a user-friendly interface. This will make tracking your expenses and savings more manageable and efficient.


Navigating through the broad spectrum of budgeting apps, cost emerges as a vital consideration. Most consumers prefer balancing between free and paid options on their quest to find an app that fits perfectly into their financial profile.

While some opt for a completely free-to-use budgeting tool, others lean towards capped expense platforms with additional features. Affordability is crucial, but one must ensure not to compromise essential services like banking information security for low costs.

There’s also accessibility to consider when gauging the price-effectiveness of these apps. Several free options provide basic budget assistance in forms such as spreadsheets or smartphone applications, which are impressively user-friendly even without flashy features exclusive to premium versions.

Banking information security

In the financial technology sector, banking information security stands as a critical consideration when choosing budgeting apps. The priority is to hunt down those fintech applications offering strong protections for your personal financial data.

This becomes more crucial in scenarios where third-party apps require your online banking details.

To bolster defence mechanisms against possible cyber threats, consider becoming acquainted with cybersecurity tips tailored toward safeguarding financial information on digital platforms.

Predominantly, Australian fintechs have realised impressive acceptance rates among Australian users due to their robust posture against cyber vulnerabilities.

Free options

Free budgeting apps are an excellent choice for those watching their spending. They provide essential financial management features like expense tracking, spending habits analysis and income tracking to keep your budget in check.

Two notable free options – Frollo and Pocketbook cater specifically to Australians. These platforms conduct detailed conversations about spending habits, saving goals, debt management, expense categories, and overall budget management without any cost involved.

Even renowned banking institutions such as the Commonwealth Bank and ING offer popular free apps that aid in achieving financial goals smoothly. Notably, manual entry or syncing capabilities also feature on these free platforms according to individual needs, making them versatile for various user requirements.

User-friendly interface

Opting for budgeting apps that prioritise a user-friendly interface is crucial to successful money management. Clear visuals and an organised presentation simplify navigation, making the task of tracking your finances feel less daunting.

You’ll find yourself more inclined to use an app with intelligible controls and a streamlined interface regularly, facilitating better financial discipline. User-centric design also enhances efficiency by allowing effortless budget capturing and simplified access to important features.

Therefore, always keep an eye out for these qualities when choosing your ideal budgeting companion.

Importance of Budgeting and Financial Management

Navigating your personal financial world can be challenging, but a well-crafted budget and strategic management empower you to master this terrain. Delve into budget creation essentials, uncover the best strategies for successful budgeting, and explore how these apps offer more than just number tracking – they’re transformative tools on your financial journey.

How to create a budget

Creating a budget helps regular Australian consumers better understand their spending habits, plan income, and allocate funds for bills, expenses and financial goals. The steps to follow include:

  1. Assess your financial health by checking account balances, debt accrued and monthly expenses.
  2. Track your income from all sources, whether it’s your salary, business profit or any other form of income.
  3. Determine every fixed expense you incur monthly such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, insurance and subscriptions.
  4. Calculate variable expenses which may include food costs, transportation fees or entertainment activities.
  5. Prioritise your saving goals into short-term or long-term like saving for a holiday or a house deposit respectively.
  6. Dedicate parts of your income to reach these goals each month using tools for budget tracking.
  7. Loan repayments and managing debts should be part of the budgeting process as well.
  8. Adopt a method for tracking this budget like spreadsheet recording or through the use of finance management apps designed just for this purpose.
  9. Regularly revise your budget according to changing circumstances.

Successful budgeting strategies

Financial planning is a critical key to achieving your personal finance goals. Here are the top successful budgeting strategies that every Australian should consider:

  1. Create a realistic budget: The first step in budget planning is to understand where your money goes daily, weekly and monthly.
  2. Utilise financial apps: Make use of budget-tracking apps such as Frollo or Beem for hassle-free financial forecasting and expense tracking.
  3. Set clear financial goals: Know what you’d like to achieve financially, whether it involves saving for a home, managing debt or even planning an international trip.
  4. Establish savings plans: Regular saving is easier with tools like Raiz, which automatically place small amounts from purchases into your savings account.
  5. Track expenses: Keep an eye on incoming and outgoing funds using expense management technologies such as WiseList or WeMoney.
  6. Automate payments: Setting up automatic payments for recurring bills helps avoid late fees and maintains a good credit score.
  7. Adopt the envelope budgeting method: Consider certain percentage allocations towards different expenses like entertainment, utilities and groceries, essentially placing cash in ‘envelopes’.
  8. Be resilient and committed: Stick with your budget plan regardless of any temptations that might lead you astray from your established saving strategies.

Benefits of using budgeting apps

Budgeting apps elevate your financial planning to the next level, offering a wealth of advantages that contribute towards effective money management. Boost your savings goals by tracking every dollar with these smart tools as they provide an instant snapshot of income and outgoings through real-time monitoring.

Connecting directly with bank accounts and credit cards, budgeting apps simplify expense tracking down to the cent, easing debt management processes. Decipher complex financial data at a glance using features such as categorisation systems for expenses.

Payment reminders in these apps work diligently behind the scenes to prevent overdue payments from eating into savings goals. A key benefit lies in creating personalised budgets and income allocation strategies, setting realistic targets tailored to spending habits observed over time, ultimately fostering superior financial discipline.

Embrace this digital companion on your journey towards improved decision-making skills backed up by unparalleled accountability measures offered by budgeting apps.


Harness the power of Australia’s top financial apps and tools to supercharge your money management today. Experience how these features can simplify budgeting, amplify savings, and propel you towards your financial goals faster than ever before.

Join the community who are mastering their finances with innovative technology right at their fingertips. Begin this exciting journey now!


What are some top financial apps Aussies should know about?

Some top Australian financial apps include MyBudget, Pocketbook and Raiz, which help manage money more effectively.

Can these financial tools really help me save money?

Yes, these apps can track your spending and highlight areas where you might be able to cut back or make better savings decisions.

I have tonnes of receipts. Is there any app that helps organise them?

The Expensify app is excellent at dealing with receipt management. It’s a breeze to keep all your receipts organised in one place!

Where can I find these financial tools and apps for use here in Australia?

You can typically download these helpful finance-related apps straight from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Is my information and data safe when using personal finance apps and tools?

While safety standards vary among different applications, most reputable finance applications prioritise user security with encryption techniques to protect personal information.

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