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About us

We’re powered by a mission to support employees financial well-being. We do this by disrupting archaic pay cycles and the vicious, high interest payday loan industry.

Press Pay is a fast-growing, passionate team driven by a desire to help people have a more positive relationship with their earnings.

The beginning…

The idea for Press Pay began when our founder heard that a few of his colleagues were using payday loans to make ends meet between pay cycles. 

They were borrowing small amounts at huge interest expense simply because the company pay cycle was monthly. He knew there must a better way!

“Why can’t we give people access to their pay at any time?”

Why not give people access to their earnings at any time – when they need it for a fixed, easy to understand fee and no interest charges?

Over the next 12 months, Press Pay was born and has gone on to help thousands of hard working Australians access the money they’ve already earned.

After all, you earned it, it’s yours. Why shouldn’t you have access to it immediately?

Will You Join the payroll Revolution?

Do you want to stay stuck in the 1920s when it comes to collecting your hard earned money?
Do you want to keep waiting on your employer to decide when you can collect your pay?