The smarter way to get early access to your pay

PressPay Shop now unlocks your earnings using pay advance shop cards from zero fees and no interest charges ever!

How to PressPay Shop?

Australians can now access their pay on demand to shop for the things they need when they need it using digital shop cards.


Register for free in under 5 minutes.
No need to download another app.


Choose from 100+ brands using your available balance, with cards delivered to you by email for instant use.

Pay Back

Withdrawals made using digital shop cards are automatically repaid on your next pay date.

Choose digital shop cards from 100+ of your favourite retail brands from zero fees and no interest charges ever!

Why use PressPay Shop?

It’s the smarter way to access your earnings in advance to buy the things you need using digital shop cards.

Budget Friendly

Access your earnings early using digital shop cards instead of cash, from zero fees and no interest charges ever.

Great Options

Choose from over 100 popular retail brands.


Your digital shop cards are delivered instantly to your email ready for use.

Access your pay now

PressPay requires a regular income, salary or wages to use and is 100% confidential from your employer.