Complaints Policy

PressPay values customer feedback and complaints in maintaining and improving our product, services, and customer experience. We strive to provide the best possible customer experience and to be responsive and proactive towards existing and potential customers’ feedback and complaints. This policy is designed to provide guidance and understanding in the manner in which PressPay responds to and resolves complaints.


If you are unsatisfied with the product and or service PressPay has provided. We invite you to lodge a complaint by emailing us at Our customer service team will endeavor to resolve any issues promptly.


All feedback and complaints undergo an in-depth investigation based on the information provided under your application, account, and subsequent details as outlined below. To assist in resolving this complaint as quickly as possible, we do require the following.
  • Your full name and contact details.
  • The nature of your feedback and/or complaint.
  • Details of any action you have already undergone to resolve this complaint.
  • Details of conversations you may have had with either PressPay or any other party that is relevant to your complaint. For example AFCA or an Ombudsman.
  • Copies of any documentation in which supports or is relevant to your complaint.
Including but not limited to:
  • Australian passport.
  • Australian driver’s license.
  • Medicare card.
  • Proof of bank account ownership.
  • In case of hardship, any documentation or evidence to support his claim.


If you require assistance or clarification when lodging your complaint, please contact our customer support team at and they will be happy to assist you.


When investigating and resolving complaints provided, we may record and retain the following information.
  • Any chat, email, or support ticket transcripts between yourself and the PressPay customer support team.
  • Additional notes and audit logs in association with any actions or modifications of your account.
  • Details of your complaint as outlined in the above requirements and any actions taken following the investigation into your complaint.
  • Relevant dates and times relating to actions taken to resolve the complaint and any associated communication with the PressPay team.


As PressPay continues to improve and evolve our products and services. All complaints and feedback will be monitored to identify any trends. We will use this information to rectify and action where necessary to mitigate any ongoing, known or potential issues. Any information provided will be used solely for the purpose of your complaint. All personal information provided will be protected in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you feel as if we have breached any associated privacy laws, or you wish to make a complaint in regards to PressPays handling of your personal information. Please contact our customer support team at PressPay aims to resolve all complaints at the first point of contact, however, there may be circumstances where this is not possible. In such a case, a more formal complaints procedure will be followed as outlined below:
  • We strive to acknowledge your complaint or the receipt within 1 business day or as soon as reasonably practical.
  • Once received, your complaint will undergo an initial review. Should PressPay require further information, documentation, or clarification in relation to the information provided, this will be outlined and communicated along with feedback and the status of your complaint. PressPay will provide an initial review and response within 10 business days of receiving your complaint.
  • Your complaint will then undergo a thorough, objective, and impartial investigation based on the information provided as outlined above as well as any actions to date in relation to your complaint that will assist in the investigation.
  • Once the investigation has been completed we will then provide written communication on the outcome, subsequent actions and your right to take your complaint further to the Australian Financial Complains Authority (“AFCA”) including AFCA’s contact details, otherwise outlined below.
  • We will then record all forms of communication, documentation, and associated information with your complaint including the outcome of the investigation. This will continue to be monitored as mentioned above to help mitigate any ongoing, known, or potential issues.
PressPay aims to resolve any complaints within 21 business days. However, circumstances, where this is not possible, may be due to situations where PressPay has sought further information, documentation, or clarification to assist in resolving your complaint. In the situation where we have been unable to resolve your complaint within the timeframe outlined above. You will receive written communication of the reasons behind the delay and an indication of the expected timeline to resolve the issue. Should you wish to receive an update on the status of your complaint, then please contact or simply respond to the existing communication thread.


PressPay aims to provide exceptional customer service and experiences. However, should a situation arise where you wish to lodge a formal complaint in reference to an employee. Your complaint will then undergo an objective, equal, and impartial investigation based on the information provided as outlined below. We will also treat our employees objectively by:
  • Notifying them of the complaint in reference to their behavior or performance.
  • Provide the employee the opportunity to speak on their behalf. – Provide them with the appropriate support.
  • Notify them of the investigation and outcome of the complaint.


PressPay outsources some of its services to third-party providers. Although PressPay aims to engage third-party providers with sound customer service practices. If you are unhappy with the service you have been provided with, you are welcome to lodge a complaint either with PressPay following the steps outlined in this document or directly with the third-party provider.

Complaints under investigation by regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

If your complaint is currently under investigation by PressPay and simultaneously by a relevant federal state, territory regulator, or law enforcement. We may cease to continue further investigation and action pending the outcome or finalisation of the third-party investigation. We will assist any third-party organisation or law enforcement with their investigation, where appropriate.


If you are unhappy with the progress or outcome of the complaint under investigation by PressPay, you can contact AFCA using their primary contact details below. Australian Financial Complaints Authority
Phone: 1800 931 678
Address: Australian Financial Complaints Association GPO Box 3, Melbourne VIC
Last Updated: November 2021