8 Clever Tips for Saving Money on Petrol

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Techniques such as fuel-efficient driving and regular maintenance will help you reduce how much you spend on petrol. Other tips to save money on petrol include minimising your car’s energy usage, splitting fuel costs among companions when on a road trip, and more.

Fuel costs are a big part of our weekly expenses, and everyone is looking for ways to drive more efficiently and save money. Learning how to make the most of every tank has cost-saving benefits. You’ll have some extra money to take care of other things.

This post will discuss eight clever tips for saving money on petrol.

Read on to discover how to navigate through the ever-rising fuel price in Australia.

Choose the right day to refuel

Buying petrol on its cheapest days is an excellent way to save some money while you tank up. It can be tricky to know when petrol prices are at their lowest, but there’s a way to get around it.

Observe the price cycle in your city and buy when fuel is at a low threshold. The price cycle is a movement in the retail petrol price from a low point to a high point and then to a subsequent low point.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) website provides daily updates on fuel price cycles. You’ll also get advice on the best day to buy petrol in your capital city. If you want to get the best prices, refuel on one of the days recommended by the ACCC.

You can also get this information from several apps. But these apps may be less accurate if you’re in a state or territory that relies on user-submitted data.

Fuel-efficient driving

When and how you drive your car can also determine how much you spend on petrol. Avoid driving during rush-hour traffic. This way, you won’t constantly accelerate and hit the brakes, which is inevitable in heavy traffic.

Driving like that means more fuel consumption than driving smoothly. Use Apple or Google maps to plan ahead of your trip. It will help you save a lot of time and petrol.

You’ll also benefit from minimising air-conditioning and heating. The air-conditioner or heater can increase your car’s fuel consumption by up to 10 per cent. Feel free to open the windows from time to time and enjoy the breeze.

Keep your driving speed under 80km/h when the windows are open to avoid aerodynamic drag. Open windows, roof racks, and spoilers can cause aerodynamic drag and increase your car’s air resistance. In this case, your vehicle will use more energy to drive forward and burn more fuel.

Here are some other fuel-efficient driving tips:

  • Avoid stop/start driving if you can. Don’t over-rev when driving a manual car. If you drive an automatic car, ease back slightly on the accelerator once the vehicle gathers momentum.
  • Avoid speeding as petrol consumption can increase significantly at around 90km/h. You can consume up to 25% more fuel at 110km/h than at 90km/h.

Use discount vouchers

Big shopping outlets such as Woolworths or Coles offer reward cards or dockets to their customers. People who shop weekly at these outlets can save a few cents per litre when they tank up at applicable petrol stations.

Woolworths is usually Caltex and Coles is usually Shell. Also, you can become a member of Costco and enjoy lower prices and special benefits.  


Reduce energy usage

You can also reduce your car’s fuel consumption by lowering energy usage. Minimise how you use gadgets when driving. Your car radio, for example, needs fuel to create energy.

Service your car regularly

Use the recommended fuel type and ensure to service your car regularly. Check your tire pressure monthly. 

Some people use premium unleaded in a vehicle designed for regular. While this can help you achieve better fuel consumption, it may not offset the additional petrol costs.

Find travel companions

Finding travel companions when planning a road trip will not only help you save money, but you may also end up with new friends. Talk to a few people in your hostel or workplace.

You can also advertise it on your social media page. Make great memories and save some cool bucks while at it!

Beware of fuel-saving devices

You may have heard about certain devices that help save petrol when installed in your car. Just know that not all of these devices work. If you must use such devices, tread with caution.

You don’t want to spend money on something that doesn’t provide the benefits you require. While fuel-saving devices have little effect on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, you might be better off spending your money elsewhere.

Final thoughts

Your car’s daily fuel consumption significantly affects how much you spend each week. This issue is more prevalent among people who drive old cars as modern cars are more fuel-efficient.

No matter the type of car you drive (old or new), you can save money on petrol with these clever tips:

  • Fuel-efficient driving
  • Take advantage of discount vouchers
  • Follow the ACCC fuel price cycle
  • Service your car regularly, etc.

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