7 Creative Weekly Money Hacks You Will Be Thankful for This Time Next Year

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Having the creativity to save money could help you keep up with the soaring prices of everyday essentials like food, petrol, and shelter. To do that, you need to look deeper at some of your daily activities. That way, you can remove or realign things that might be causing you to spend extra dollars unwittingly. The following are seven creative weekly money hacks you will be thankful for this time next year:

Catchup and Watch a Movie Online with Friends

Back in ‘the day’, video conferencing with someone miles away was only possible in science fiction books and movies. Today, we enjoy various video chat applications such as WhatsApp and FB Messenger, Discord, Viber, and many more. Moreover, these apps won’t cost a cent to download and use.  

With that in mind, catching up with friends and family online instead of travelling and paying for petrol could save you some dollars. Furthermore, it will prevent you from spending money on expensive hangouts like bars and clubs.

You and your friends can make video calls more exciting by using your app’s share screen feature so that you can watch movies together. 

Take Those Free Condiments Home

When we go to restaurants, we often leave those unused condiments that shops give us for free. We do that out of habit, or perhaps we aren’t that aware of the savings we could make if we take them home.

Imagine how much coffee sweetener you could’ve saved had you only brought those new packets of sugar home. Imagine having a sauce, salt, and pepper sachets to help you prepare your favourite meal without buying them. 

So, the next time you grab a bite in a local burger joint, collect and take those free packets of condiments home and see how they’d help ease your budget.  

Maximise Public Libraries’ Features and Benefits

Maximising the features and benefits of public libraries is another fantastic money hack if done frequently. Libraries help cut our expenses by allowing us to borrow physical books free of charge instead of buying them from a local bookstore. 

Nowadays, public libraries likewise allow you to access ebooks on their websites. You have to register for free and use your user ID indicated on your library card. Furthermore, libraries also offer internet and wi-fi access without charges. This free access will help you get rid of paid internet services. 

You might also want to bring your kids there for free art workshops instead of spending money on malls and theme parks.

Be Smart With Your Laundry

Electricity can make our everyday lives easy and comfortable. However, it comes with a price. We have to pay for the services those electric companies provide. 

One of the ways that you could save up on energy costs is by setting a schedule for your laundry. It allows you to utilise the total load capacity of your washing machine rather than using it numerous times a week to wash a few pieces of dirty clothes.  

Furthermore, washing laundry using cold water is more energy efficient than hot or warm water. 

Put up a Backyard Vegetable Garden

Shortage in supply is one of the common reasons why prices of essential commodities like vegetables go up. 

If that happens, one might reduce vegetable consumption or just remove them from their diet. However, it’s easier said than done, given the health benefits of vegetables. 

Considering everything, one good solution is to build a backyard vegetable garden. The produce you’d get from it could trim down your weekly expenses.

You might consider cultivating veggies like lettuce, eggplants, green beans, broccoli, and potatoes. So, try to learn how to start a vegetable garden

Get Creative With Food Scraps and Leftovers

When it comes to food scraps and leftovers, most people throw them straight into the trash. However, you could repurpose these foods in many different ways. For instance, you could create a new dish from the old one. Leftover roast beef turned into soup is one good example. 

Likewise, you could use orange peels to infuse water or bits of leafy veggies to garnish your newly-cooked food. 

However, suppose cooking isn’t your cup of tea. In that case, you could utilise food scraps and leftovers by creating a compost bin. For example, you could repurpose fruit and vegetable wastes or maybe some crushed eggshells and turn them into a fertiliser for your garden.     

Bring Home-Cooked Meals to Work

If you eat five times a week in a cafe near your workplace, it’s time to look at how much money you spend on buying lunch daily. Try to find out how much money you could save if you instead bring home-cooked meals to work. 

So, you might want to prepare food for dinner tonight while saving some for the next day’s lunch in the office. This will benefit you in two ways. It allows you to cook two meals, saving you some cooking gas and reducing your daily expenses at work. 

Just make sure that you keep the food in the fridge overnight.

Final Thoughts

So there are seven creative weekly money hacks you will be thankful for this time next year. 

We discovered that we could set up a veggie garden to counter price increases or become more prudent when doing laundry by having a weekly schedule. Also, we could have movie nights online with friends rather than going to clubs and bars. 

The bottom line is that these hacks allow us to save money on food, energy bills, and leisure without compromising anything.

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