How Do I PressPay?

The world is instant. You can get movies on demand, dinner in a click. Now, Australians can access their earnings instantly too.

How It Works?

Simpler is better. No hidden fine print and long list of questions.

Register for free in under 2 minutes by entering your mobile number.
Our smarty-pants system evaluates your available balance.
Send a text message to check your available balance or instantly get funds transferred to you.
Pay Back
We will automatically deduct the amount, including the 5% fee on your next pay date.

Who Can PressPay?

Thousands of Australians etc etc

Earn over $350 per week after tax from an employer. *

Receive regular income weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Be paid into a transaction account (not a savings account).

Pass some of our community-first metrics that analyse income and spending behavior.

* Centrelink cannot make up more than 50% of your earnings.

Access Your Pay Now

No credit checks and we never contact your employer.