Thrift Shopping: 9 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Find the Best Deals

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Thrift shopping is on the rise, and you need to know what seasoned thrifters are doing to find great deals and save more. On that note, we have compiled top tips and tricks thrifters swear by that will help you shop like a pro on your next thrifting spree.

If you want to find the best deals when thrift shopping, make sure to know what you are looking for, take your time to browse through racks and shelves, learn to negotiate, and plan your thrift list. 

In this blog, we will go through 9 well-researched tips that will act as a guide to help you get great value for your money. We will also help answer your commonly asked questions on thrift shopping.

If you’re not familiar with the idea of thrift shopping or thrifting, it’s the art of finding better deals and bargains while shopping. 

Get your notepads ready, and let’s begin.

Decide what you are looking for

Once you have decided to purchase at a thrift store, you must first hunt for stores that are inclined to your interests. This will help you lessen the hassle of hopping from one store to another, making you enjoy the experience.

When thrift shopping, knowing what kind of item you want is essential based on material, size, and utility.

Thrift in different areas

Thrifting in different areas gives an overview of where to get what. You will know what thrift shops have items you are interested in.  

This allows you to financially assess where to get your preferred finds at your price range.

Dress the part

Thrifting can get exhausting, so comfort is vital in thrift shopping. While thrift shopping, you need to ensure that your outfit will ease you to try out the clothes. 

Leggings, loose-fitting jeans, skirts, shirts and easily removable shoes should be the go-to for thrift shopping as it is easy to change out of and move around in. 

Take your time

Often, the best pieces are hidden behind the less attractive items. Don’t rush; look deeper.

Take your time searching for what you want; stores have many products at great discounts. With thrift stores, there are usually very few of each item. Therefore, thoroughly browse through the furniture and racks available. 

After a long day’s thrift haul, getting a fantastic piece is rewarding. 


Items in thrift stores are affordable, but some thrift stores stick hard to their pricing points. You can negotiate but be aware of the type of store before you start bargaining.

If it’s a more upscale boutique resale shop, bargaining politely is acceptable. A good reason to negotiate the price of an object could be on grounds such as damages and relevance.

Tag your thrifting buddies along

The great thing about thrifting with friends is that they will always find pieces you miss.

Your friends may even know some awesome thrift stores.

Plan your thrift list

Thrift stores can be huge. Having a general idea of what you need or want to buy comes in handy so that you do not need to look through everything.

Plan your thrift list by knowing the colours of the clothing you are looking for and the sections you need to check to find what you are looking for.

However, don’t be too specific, as you can find something unique that’s not on your list.

Choose weekdays over weekends

Most thrift stores get donations during the weekend, sorted and priced. Items then hit the shelves around Mondays or Tuesdays.

Many thrift stores have specific days of the week where they mark their stock. Depending on how long the stores take to process the items, Tuesdays or Wednesdays are potentially the best days that brand new items are available. Check with the thrift stores in your area to confirm their restocking schedule.

Window shop often

Thrift window shopping increases your choices and taste making it easier to decide whether something is vital for you.

Window shopping refers to admiring products seen without the plan to purchase them. Refraining from buying on impulse and waiting a few days helps you build your budget for future thrifting.

Questions & Answers 

What should I look for when thrifting?

After asking employees in thrift stores what are their best sellers, the Insider says the most sought-after items in thrift stores are:

  • Used books offer great value for your money, compared to buying expensive newer ones.
  • Solid-wood furniture is a wise purchase. 
  • Baby clothes because babies grow out of clothes fast.
  • Dish and cup sets are also a great find. 

Other great finds include: maternity clothes, home decor, vintage cameras, vintage toys, and vintage designer cloth pieces, the list is endless.

What is the best day to shop at thrift stores?

Typically Tuesdays, because most donation drop-offs are done over the weekend, and processing is done on Mondays. Depending on how long the stores take to process the items, Tuesdays or Wednesdays are potentially the best days that brand new items are available. 

How do you bargain shopping?

Here are three sure steps to bargain shop and get the best value for your money.

  • Know your price range and determine your budget before shopping at a store. 
  • Do your research on brands and then compare the prices of what you are thrifting for and its common market price. This will you help you gauge how much you are saving.
  • Take your time searching for what you want; stores have many products at great discounts. With thrift stores, there are usually very few of each item, so examine each rack till you find what you are looking for.

How do I find bargains?

By being up-to-date with the latest sale offers in your area or online. You can follow thrift stores on social media and sign up for their newsletters to get spontaneous sales announcements.

How do I find valuable items at thrift stores?

You can find valuable items in thrift stores by visiting on the right day. Knowing what you want to buy beforehand, your purchase priorities are set and researching the best brands before the sale to help you identify quality items in the thrift store.

What are the rules of thrifting?

Here are three golden rules for thrifting that seasoned thrifters abide by:

Rule 1: Have fun! You need to enjoy thrifting to get the most out of it. 

Rule 2: Whether you are looking to buy clothes or electronic appliances, try and test everything before making your purchase.

Rule 3: Never buy underwear. Only for the mere fact that they have been worn before and it is just plain unsanitary.

How do I start thrifting?

You can start by visiting thrift stores in your local area. Go with a written list of what you want to buy, then start your search. 

Why is thrifting a good idea?

Thrifting is a good idea since it helps create an environmental impact. You can help save the planet by reducing waste, reusing material, and recycling. 


Thrift stores have been around in Australia forever, with over 600 Vinnie’s stores spread out around the country, among other opportunity shops. You can enjoy amazing deals by following the tips in this article.

To make sure you find the best deals while thrift shopping, you should go shopping on weekdays, have a thrift list, take a buddy with you, take your time browsing the racks, and learn how to negotiate when possible. And most importantly, have fun!

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