How Do You Exercise on a Budget? A Guide for Beginners

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Exercising makes up for our sedentary lifestyle. However, getting a personal trainer or going to the gym isn't cheap. 

So, how do you exercise on a budget? 

Generally, you can ditch your gym membership and check out outdoor gym parks instead. You can also use alternative or secondhand exercise equipment and take advantage of free passes, community groups, and social media.

This article has rounded up 11 tips on exercising on a budget. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Ditch Gym Memberships

Gym memberships or personal trainers have become popular choices for Aussies trying to keep themselves fit and healthy. However, they come at a steep price. 

Although it might seem like it isn’t much, it can quickly become overwhelming once you add up all your membership payments.

Therefore, ditching gym membership is worth considering.

Step 2: Check Out Outdoor Gyms

Australia values the health and fitness of its people. Hence, you can find outdoor gyms in every city across the country. For instance, if you head to the park, you might find some communal exercise equipment.

Once you see what equipment is available, you can research exercises online and devise a workout plan. 

Moreover, most of Australia’s outdoor gyms, like the park gyms in Sydney, are located next to playgrounds. So, you can work out while taking your kids out to the park.

Step 3: Use Alternative Exercise Equipment

Sometimes, you can find the most affordable exercise equipment in your home. You need to be creative! 

Typically, your cupboards are the best places to look. 

For instance, if you’re working on your muscles, you can find something that weighs it—no need to purchase expensive dumbbells. Instead, you can use bags of rice, cans of food, and milk bottles. 

Better yet, check out your garden shed. You might find alternative weightlifting equipment like tins of paint or old bricks. 

Step 4: Take Advantage of Free Passes

Australia has approximately 6,295 gyms and fitness centres. As a result, many gyms compete by giving free passes to potential members. 

Hence, you’ll be more likely to find free passes if you head to your local facilities. 

Typically, the free pass is for a month, a week, or a day. So, you can have full access to gyms without spending a dime!

Step 5: Opt for Second-Hand Equipment

You don’t need brand-new fitness equipment to keep fit. Some people who spend thousands of dollars on the latest equipment sell them months later for a lower price.

Alternatively, you can go to your local charity shop. You’ll be surprised how much secondhand equipment you can find. You can also check Australia’s number one shopping site: eBay. This way, you’ll have more options.

Moreover, you may also contact local gym equipment suppliers in your area. Some suppliers offer demo models at a lower rate, so it’s a great way to purchase weights or exercise bikes that you can use at home.

Step 6: Join Community Groups

If you prefer exercising with a buddy, joining community groups would be a great way to exercise. Aside from that, community groups are very affordable. Some of them are even free!

You can go online and check out your local notice boards to see all kinds of community groups and how you can join.

For example, the Heart Foundation Community is one of the best community-based walking networks in Australia you can give a shot at.

Step 7: Get a Fitness Tracker

As the name suggests, a fitness tracker is a device that can track your exercise every day, like the number of steps and kilometres you’ve covered. 

It can also track the time you spend exercising. Its other features include tracking your water intake, calories, and sleep patterns.

Using a fitness tracker, you’ll be inspired to walk a short distance instead of driving or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Step 8: Install Fitness Apps

Another way to exercise while on a budget is by installing fitness apps. 

There are various applications for smartphones dedicated to this purpose. These apps can offer lots of training programs you can customise based on your goal and your equipment.

In addition, you can add a workout series to your favourites or adjust an existing one to add new fitness training. 

Although some apps need subscriptions, they’re generally more affordable than a gym membership.


Step 9: Exercise with Social Media

Plenty of trainers have social media accounts. Usually, you can find them on Instagram and Facebook, where they provide live training sessions.

Since more and more trainers create social media accounts today, you’ll have a variety of exercises to choose from. 

Although some programs require equipment like a treadmill or an exercise bench, you can always shop for secondhand ones. That said, it’s usually less expensive than gym memberships.

Step 10: Work Out with YouTube Videos

Aside from social media, you can also exercise using YouTube. A lot of fitness instructors post workout videos on the platform. 

Therefore, you can find different fitness channels that offer a pre-recorded range of exercise programs. Some trainers even have live workout sessions.

Just remember to make sure that you choose a credible fitness channel. A great example is Kayla Itsines

Step 11. Attend Fitness Events

If you like working out with others, attending fitness events can be your best option. Plus, most local city councils offer fitness classes for free. 

For instance, Live Life Get Active hosts cross-training, boxing, and yoga classes. Aside from that, the event also addresses health issues like diabetes, obesity, and mental health.

Wrapping Up

So, how can you exercise on a budget? Generally, you can ditch gym memberships. 

Instead, you can check out park gyms, find alternative exercise equipment in your house or buy secondhand equipment, take advantage of free passes, and join community groups.

If you like working out alone, you can get a fitness tracker, install a fitness app, and exercise using social media or YouTube videos.

Whichever choice you choose, we’re sure it’ll be flexible enough to fit your budget.

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