15 Clever Gift Ideas On A Budget

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If you're looking for a decent gift that won't break the bank - The mission can be challenging, but it's not impossible!

No matter the occasion, the following list includes ideas for budget-friendly gifts to impress your loved ones without spending a fortune.

1.Games and Puzzles

Whether card games, board games, or puzzles, these are great inexpensive gifts that the whole family can enjoy over and over again. From kids to adults, everyone can have fun, and your bank account will love you!

Our favourites include find itPeter Pauper Press Venice Jigsaw Puzzle, and Wordle Game Boards.

2. Candles and Bath Bombs

Everyone can use more self-care, so why not make that into a lovely gift?

Nothing says “pamper yourself” quite like some aromatherapy. You can choose an elegant scented candle or a themed one like these from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.

We’re also big fans of bath bombs. They’re affordable, fun, and relaxing! 


Got a tea-loving mate in your life? Then why not treat them to some delicious brews as a gift? They’ll love it, and you won’t spend much!

You can keep things classic with some English breakfast black tea, try something sweet and zingy, or go for a variety pack.


Coffee is fantastic; it gives you energy and saves your wallet when looking for gifts on a budget!

If you want to make your coffee-loving mate happy, why not get them some coffee beans like these medium-roast ones or some quality instant dark-roast coffee?

You can even take it a step further and buy them an affordable stovetop espresso maker!

5. Mugs

Who said mugs are lazy gifts? Okay, they can be pretty last-minute, but putting some thought into your mug can turn into a fantastic present that’s easy on your wallet!

Instead of a boring mug, try something quirkyfunnyvintagewitty, or cute. You can also go for a handy travel mug.


Besides being budget-friendly, books can make an excellent gift for people of all ages and genders. What’s even better is that books aren’t necessarily one-time reads!

Our favourites include The Pocket ScavengerWreck This Journal12 Rules for Life, and Atomic Habits.

7.Arts and Crafts Kits

Does the person you’re buying a gift for have a crafty or artsy side? Then a good idea would be to get them an arts and crafts kit to help put their creativity to life.

These kits can be affordable and show you support their talent, so everyone wins!

Arts and crafts kits can be diamond painting kitspolymer clay kitsquilling tools, or vinyl weeding tools.

8.Affirmation Cards

Life is hard, so we all could use a reminder to appreciate ourselves and see the good in the world.

Affirmation cards are a fantastic way to lift your loved one’s mood on tough days. They work perfectly to relieve stress in the office or work-from-home station.

Our favourites include I Can Do AnythingAffirmators, and How to Love Yourself Cards.

9.For the Green Thumb

Appeal to the green thumb in your life with some plant-related gifts. Not only can you find affordable options in this category, but there’s a nice variety to pick from.

For example, you can buy them seeds (corianderwatermelon, and so on), seed starter traysgardening glovesgardening tool kits, or fun planter pots.  

10.For the Non-Green Thumb

For plant lovers who don’t have green-thumb talent, why not buy them a fake one to give them the experience without the usual maintenance?

Besides being budget-friendly, there’s a variety of options to choose from. You can pick up artificial daisieshanging ivy vinessucculents, or long-stem plants.

11.Entertainment Subscription

Whether the gift is for a guy or a girl, a teen or an adult, you can give them a month-long subscription to their favourite entertainment platform.

Not only will you save some money, but you’ll also be sure they’ll enjoy the gift and remember your gesture every time they use it. Some examples include Netflix, AmazonPrime, and Xbox Pass.

12.Sports and Gym Equipment

If your mate is into the active lifestyle, why not get them something that helps their workouts but also keeps your bank account happy?

Some functional yet affordable sports and gym equipment include a yoga matgym shirtsweat towelresistance bands, or exercise gloves

13.Things to Hang

Decorating your friend’s and loved ones’ walls is a sweet and inexpensive idea for a gift. It’s also very versatile, with pretty much endless options.

You can go for a wall art paintingwall decals, a decorative mirror, or a macrame plant hanger

14.Practical Ones

Some of the best and most budget-friendly gifts are those that are practical. The challenge here is to make them thoughtful by taking a minute to consider what the person needs.

It could be anything from a labelling machine or a mouse mat to a sewing kit or a shower organizer.

15.DIY Projects

Finally, why not make the gift yourself? Not only does it get extra “special” points, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or a lot of work.

You can get DIY kits for bookmarks, Christmas hanging ornamentsbirdhousessuncatcherscrystal pictures, and more!

The great thing about these kits is that you can work on them and get the “you made this?” badge or present the project as a gift.

Wrap Up

There you have it, 15 ideas for a gift on a budget that could help show your love without breaking the bank!

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