10 Cheap, Fun Date Ideas (3-Minute Read)

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Aha, dates! One of the best activities to enjoy every once in a while with someone you love. And while going out for a date doesn't need to be expensive, it does require a little effort. Cheap dates (that don't feel cheap) are a great way to enjoy each other's company when you want to stick to a budget.

Luckily, there are fun and romantic activities to enjoy with your love interest that won’t burn holes in your wallet. Some of these are going to free local events, organizing a picnic in the park, hiking, visiting museums, stargazing, Netflix and chill, and more.

So don’t get bogged down by the idea that costly things are the only way to appreciate your loved one. Sometimes being broke makes you creative. 

So, whether you’re still in the relationship’s honeymoon phase or are looking to keep the thrill of the relationship, try out these free and fun date ideas. 

Free Local Events

Check out free events in your area on Meetup, Facebook, or your local gig guide to see where all the free fun is happening. Covid times have made it a little harder to host events, but things are slowly opening up.

Trivia Nights

Maybe your local club or pub is hosting a trivia night. Create a team with other couples, or head out just with your date. You never know, this could be your chance to win a prize.

Picnic at a Park

Pack for your picnic and head to the park or somewhere you both love. Remember to check the weather before settling on an option and the laws in the area. 

Engage in Each Other’s Hobbies

Take turns enjoying your different hobbies. One night enjoy your hobby; the other night, enjoy your date’s hobby. You don’t have to do it regularly, but it’s one of the less expensive ways to enjoy dates.


Research exciting places to go for hikes in your area. Carry with you some snacks, water, and a camera. Also, note that not all bushwalks and hikes have to be strenuous. 

Visit Museums

Most museums are cheap or free entry. Check the one that specializes in your interests, such as fashion, culture, or history.

Go Stargazing

The Sydney Observatory lets you learn all about stars. The tour includes a dome tour, telescope viewing, and the planetarium. You’ll see the moon, a nebular, mars, and so much more at a very fair rate. 

Axe Throwing

Channel your inner Viking and show off your axe-throwing skills to your date. Don’t worry if it’s your first time because a guide will help you learn the ropes. If you’re bold and daring, this is a perfect ice breaker.

A Comedy Club

Local comedy clubs offer discounts to groups such as free drinks, nights, or a ticket for two. You also get to enjoy headlining comedians from across the globe testing new stuff in small clubs.

Netflix and Chill

Great TV shows are a modern-day obsession, and that’s something simple and free you can enjoy on a date. Watch a new show with your date, and you’ll have something to discuss.

Questions & Answers 

How Can I Date For Free?

Sometimes the best dates have little or no cost. Try walking around the flea market, watching the stars, or enjoying an indoor movie with your date. 

What Can You Do As A Date For Free?

Here are free date ideas that are both fun and romantic: 

  • Explore a new neighbourhood
  • Attend free concerts
  • Sample different foods at a food market
  • Go to the beach
  • Take a tour of the local brewery
  • Play sports together
  • Engage in a community activity, etc.

How Can I Be Romantic On A Low Budget?

There are fancy ideas for having a romantic date while on a tight budget: 

  • Make a fancy meal together
  • Eat a candle-lit takeout meal 
  • Enjoy a picnic on the floor
  • Stargaze from the patio
  • Play a board game
  • Make and sip drinks from the backyard, etc.

What Can Couples Do Without Spending Money?

A few low cost things to do as a couple include: 

  • Volunteer at a community activity
  • Spend time outdoors
  • Enjoy a scenic drive
  • Watch the sunset
  • Write each other love letters
  • Sing karaoke!

How Do I Get A Date Night with No Money?

You can woo your date with creativity even when you don’t have money. Here’s how:

  • Be spontaneous 
  • Cook dinner
  • Cheer on a local sports team
  • Visit the arcade
  • Dance, etc.

How Can I Have Fun in a Relationship Without Money?

Some unique ways to make your relationship fun even without money are:

  • Organize romantic hikes
  • Create a personalized playlist
  • Make a collage or photo book
  • Send your date on a scavenger hunt
  • Stay indoors for some relaxing time, etc.

How Can I Surprise My Boyfriend Without Money?

  • Enjoy his favourite activity with him
  • Give him a personalized DIY birthday gift
  • Write him a poem
  • Make him a romantic dinner
  • Offer him a massage

How Can I Spoil My Wife Without Money?

  • Help her with house chores
  • Spend quality time together
  • Profess your love to her
  • Learn her love language and use it often
  • Give her a massage

Final Thoughts

Dating in the 21st century is a roller coaster – this much we know. Going out on a tight budget makes it even more complicated. 

Whether your loved one prefers to become one with nature or they’d rather explore different cities, these options have something for everyone. So, regardless of what you have in your wallet, never sacrifice on adventure and romance. 

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