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Access YOUR Money As Soon As You’ve Earned It.

To get set up simply:

Step 1: Sign up to Press Pay by filling in this form.

Step 2: In under 5 minutes, you’ll receive a text message back confirming your details, eligibility and how much of your earnings you can immediately access. 

Step 3: Text back how much of your earnings you’d like to get access to.  Your money arrives in your bank account instantly.

Use again: To use the service again, simply text ‘hi’ or the value you would like to withdraw (eg 220).

There is no need to download ‘another app’. Once you request your earnings, it will be paid to you instantly.

Press Pay uses the messaging services you know and love. After signing up here, you will have received a text message

Simply follow the prompts.

Not to worry! Simply text us on 0488 811 498. If you have an account already set up, we’ll have you up and running in a matter of seconds.

Press Pay only works with your after-tax pay. While personal circumstances do differ, since we only work with after-tax income, there should be no tax implications.

We want to be there for you. Simply email support@presspay.com.au.

We’ll have you up and running in no time!

Yes! We need to see regular earnings of a similar amount. Just because you’re casual doesn’t mean you should be excluded!

Yes. We apply strict policies to data storage and security.

Earned Wages

Our clever robots calculate the amount you can withdraw based on your earnings and many other factors. Typically you can access the lower of 50% of your earnings or $750 per pay cycle.

Never! If you pay on time, we only charge a 5% withdrawal fee.

We will debit your bank account on the same day you receive your earnings. Sit back, relax, nothing for you to do.

Nope. If you are overdue, you will not be able to use the service for additional withdrawals. We simply attempt to deduct any cash we sent you at a later date when you have enough funds in your account.

No. We do not check yor credit or effect your credit score. Our own assessment criteria are used based on your earnings and expenses.

We pay funds into the same bank account you receive your regular earnings.

Connecting your bank

We need to see your bank statement to confirm the value and frequency of your earnings. We are a force for good and try to ensure that we only allow withdraws of income from the next pay cycle.

Absolutely! We never have access to your bank login information. We use Australian based third party technology providers to access your bank statements.

Sometimes big banks do funny things. This could be changes to their systems or updates that they don’t tell anyone about. Please email support@presspay.com.au letting us know you are having trouble.

Employer Partners

It means your employer cares for your financial wellbeing by giving you access to your earnings when you need it. You also have access to a treasure trove of financial resources!

If your employer partners with Press Pay, you will typically get a number of free withdrawals. Also it allows us to better manage your available balance giving you even more control over your earnings.

No. We do not tell your employer.

About Press Pay

We are a team based in Sydney Australia.

We love questions. Please reach out to support@presspay.com.au

To improve financial wellbeing by enabling employees to access their money on their terms.

We are so different! Press Pay is disrupting the payroll industry by giving you access to pay you have already earned. 
Here are more of our differences.

Feel free to contact us with further questions.

Will You Join the Wage Revolution?

Do you want to stay stuck in the 1920s when it comes to collecting your hard earned money? Do you want to keep waiting on your employer to decide when you can collect your pay?